i am in a combination of my first house and my grandparents’ house. Jan is at the sink, pouring bleach or gasoline over the counters.  we can’t afford the payments on the house and so we’re burning it down.  i think this is a terrible idea but no one is interested in my opinion.  Jan has already struck the match.  i’m told to run upstairs and grab whatever it is i want to keep.  who’s worried about THINGS? i think.  where are the animals?  no one has thought of them?  i’m angry and protective.  i go to my room looking for them and scan my belongings.  the only things i would want to keep are my rocks and they’re not going to burn.  i decide to leave them so i have more room for the animals in our tiny VW bug.  i search everywhere and finally find and catch Gracie.  i don’t have a carrier for her though.  i bring her to the car which has netted windows.  my mom is standing guard and i tell her that i’m just going to put grace inside, DO NOT LET HER OUT. but as soon as i start to walk away, grace is stretching the net window, and is tangled in it on the ground outside of the car. i tell my mom to just keep her contained and i will be back with a carrier.  i go to the front yard where Nancy is running a pet sitting business.  there are wooden cages on 4′ high stilts lining the fence of the yard, but none of them are portable.  they are like the rabbit cages we had when i was little and now, as a grown up, i still can’t see in them easily. i tell her that Jan is burning the house down and she might want to move away from it.  she doesn’t seem too concerned.  on top of the cages are pet carriers but they are metal and rusted out and too big.  they look like abandoned train cars.  then i see them, on the far right side of the yard, small, clean, plastic carriers. i use a step stool to reach them and pull two down.  they are too small for Hannah so she’ll just have to sit on my lap.  i go back in the house and find Raja.  I carry both her and the crates out and get her and Gracie settled in the car.  it’s almost time to go.  I hurry back into the smoke to find Hannah.