A man says I need to volunteer for Bernie Sanders.  I tell him I can’t, I’m meeting my family for dinner. He pulls on my arm and I jerk away from him and hurry on my way.  On the second floor of a row home, we sit and enjoy a meal together.  It’s me, my mom, my sisters, and Susanne.  I ask Susanne what she thought of Crime and Punishment.  I tell her that I’ve read that there is a literary link to Gene Wolfe’s Peace that I’m interested in but that I’m really struggling to finish Crime and Punishment.  She tells me that she doesn’t think of it very often and it’s not something she feels strongly about at all.  I find this surprising considering the hours we spent poring over Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Letters from the Underworld.  She shrugs.  It’s time for us to go so I get up to throw my things away.  Along the way I find cookie and brownie bars in odd places.  One in a cup.  One on the stairs.  I ask who is leaving them around and am angry that they are treating the place like this when they are guests.  No one is very concerned about it.  My mom tells me to just leave it alone and meet her downstairs, it’s getting late.  I got downstairs to meet her outside.  There is a white van out there and the man who looks like Shia LeBeouf and that “Affluenza” kid tells me that he’s giving me a ride.  He says that my mom is in the back and we’re just going to stop by a Bernie Sanders rally first.  I think this is strange but I want to know my mom is safe.  My mom screams from inside the van and I hear her muffled frantic voice telling me “Don’t do it! Don’t get in! Don’t worry about me and don’t get in!” I scream and scream at the man to give me my mother back, to let her out!