we’re in class and we’re given guitars.  we have to pair up and learn a song, then record ourselves playing and singing it.  i think it’s unfair because there’s a country duo in the class and they get to be together.  but i’m excited to learn how to play anyway.  i try to cross a bridge in our civilian spaceship but part of it is closed off so i have to go the bridge next to it which is split into triangles and the bridge is two ramps.  everything is varying shades of gray. when i get the the end of the bridge (which was over nothing, by the way, i could have walked between the bridges), the way is blocked by safety bars and construction safety signs.  i take the freight elevator down and meet with friends in the basement.  we have to order dinner and report what we ate in japanese.  we agree on a pizza (i don’t like the toppings but i want to be agreeable). when it arrives it has fresh tomato slices on it under fresh basil leaves.  karen is there.  she pulls her tomatoes off and i wonder why she suggested them if she didn’t like them. i don’t like them either.  when we fill out our worksheet we only list the basil, sauce, and crust.  but we also had tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  i write outside the report box and ask if we shouldn’t translate those too?  my partners all look at me like i’m crazy.  why would we do more work than we have to? they tell me not to add them on my worksheet because then they’ll have to add them to theirs as well. the teacher will know.
it wouldn’t be that difficult to look up, i think.