sitting on a train and hopping across the aisle to sit on the new seats.  they were high and super cushy.   in the reflection from the opposite window, i could see a pack of cigs under the seat but when i reached, i only felt the brand new fabric tearing and balling up.  
i invited a friend to a movie.  it was kind of a date, but i was really unsure if i was ready for that.  we were supposed to meet in the theater but i got distracted near the restaurant portion of the building.  sitting on a counter was a pile of papers.  on top was a drawing my little sister did when she was about 8 years old.  i started going through the pages, everything was mine.  old japanese homework, pictures cut out of magazines for collages, drawings from my sister, drawings of mine, poems.  there was a full garbage bag of it too.  i sat on the floor sifting through it all, trying to figure out how to keep what i wanted and carry so many loose pages in my bag which was already full with clothes.  i eventually got it down to saving only a few things and went to the theater section.  but i had stuffed my bag so full and not paid attention to where my ticket was.  they accused me of trying to sneak in.  i screamed at them that i had a ticket, they had seen me buy it.  i found it in my bag and handed it to them.  i was going to see Friday but the they ushered me into some kiddie performance.  there were rows and rows of kids screaming and clapping on wooden benches around the stage below.  on the main stage were people dressed in 80s workout clothes roller skating and singing some really shitty sing-along song.  this couldn’t be right.  
i went back out and showed the usher my ticket and explained that i had been directed to the wrong show.  my ticket was in pieces, shredded by my anger and nerves.  he motioned me across the hall.  i entered the theater with the movie playing and tried to find a seat in the dark.  i couldn’t see my date anywhere but i figured that meant he was on the other side.  i went to the top to walk behind the rows and bumped straight into brett.  his hair was long and he wasn’t doing well.  he laughed and made a comment like “whoops!” which meant he did it on purpose.  i didn’t want to cause a scene if he realized i was there with a mutual friend so i sat next to him in the back row.  he kept talking and i was pissed.  people were getting up and walking out.  the movie was already over.  brett was holding his dick out and pointing it at people right in front of my face and giggling.  i push past him and go to the other side and down the aisle until i see my date.  i apologize profusely but he cuts me off, telling me he knows i’m really sorry.  he tries to get me out without brett seeing us but in the hallway he’s there and super hyper and loud and aggressive.  the ushers take him away.  i pull my friend from going toward the door and tell him i want to show him something.  we go to the counter where some of my loose papers still lay in a pile.  I tell him “this is all mine.  this is what was stolen from me so long ago.”  he goes through and points at the graph paper with my neat kanji and kana running down the page. “you took japanese?!” he asks, not having any clue though we’ve been friends for a long time.  i nod. “Mmhm. For three years,” i tell him.  i start to go through other items in the pile but he just stares at me as if seeing me for the first time.