dreamed i was joining some circle of women as a religious rite but it was more like a shaman circle than a coven.  there was big news that the ancient ones would wear red knit hats to denote their role in the universe.  i had a hat just like it but mine was blue and it had a stain on the back where the color had faded.  i didn’t want to be seen wearing a shabby wrong-colored hat so i dropped it in a lecture hall by the microwave.  then i went to a dorm where the women were gathered. they had already gone through their initiation but it conflicted with my class schedule so i was doing mine alone in front of them.  i had to drink something and i was warned that it might get pretty trippy. i didn’t really feel anything.  i looked at my nails which i had painted red and green for the holidays but the green paint had chipped off already. there was a mother that lived there. and older hispanic lady.  she let her child crawl in the garden but there was an alligator there that the baby kept going up to so the woman caught the alligator and brought it inside.  i asked what she was going to do with it and the women all laughed and said she was going to cook it. if it was going to threaten her baby, they would use it as food to nourish them.  i thought maybe the lady should just not let her baby crawl around in the garden.  the alligator walked through the kitchen and bobbed its head and bounced its shoulders in time with the music playing.  it was dancing! i went up to the dog and didn’t bother it at all.  it didn’t try to eat the cat.  i thought that they were going to have a difficult time eating such an intelligent creature.