i was looking for work.  going from business to business to ask about openings.  i was way out in the country and headed to another stop.  the business was a white building down a long gravel driveway.  i stopped at the fence posts and looked out across the field.  it was a beautiful sunrise.  the yellows and peaches fading into blue. but it looked strange.  it took me a minute to realize that the yellow circle only marked where the sun should be, but it wasn’t.  there was only a frame of color where that big ball of fire should have been.  i walked into the field and tried to take pictures of it with my ipad. as i tilted the screen for a better angle, it switched like a telescope lens. i stood there taking pictures of the missing sun and moon sitting high up in black space, trying to get the perfect angle to capture them both in the same shot. when i went into the building i took the elevator to the top floor.  inside the elevator was a man and two women in blood orange and hot pink.  the man was wearing a pimp suit.  the women wore slinky dresses and makeup to look like drag queens.  the whole place was wallpapered with 70’s colors, the elevator was gold. the place might have looked classy back then but it just looked gaudy now. the trio was suspicious of me and looked like they had reason to be.  i ignored them and tried to center myself before asking for a job.  in the waiting room upstairs i got a phone call from layla but the caller ID said it was “Home Health.” i told her i was so relieved that it was her, i was afraid that it was a job i didn’t remember applying for.  it’s not something i would want to do.