i dreamed i was following a character as her story progressed. the character’s name was maggie and i was going to her hometown, following her journey by train and car. a woman at a ticket booth in the train station said that she used to loooooooooove maggie!  she got teary remembering her story.  she showed me tarot cards created by a friend who reminded her of maggie. she held up a card showing a waterfall of sunshine or gold.  i pointed to my place in the book and asked her if she knew which train line and stop i needed to find it. she did and she gave me a free train ticket. my mom drove me part of the way, but she rear-ended someone when she was parking and we had to leave our insurance information and ask to use a phone. i ended up in a hotel with horror movie themes. i was ready to leave but forgot my bag and went back in. i couldn’t remember which door was mine but i remembered that i stayed in the Freddy room. his face and blades covered an entire wall. when i found it, it was was full of shimerians who were happy to see me. hey talked like people i know.  and they cried and hugged as if they were the people i know.  but they weren’t. they were older, tv actor versions of themselves.