i was searching through the garage for something.  i raised the door and in the driveway was a strange collection of bird hybrids.  i tried to encourage one toward my hand.  it was a pelican-turkey-platypus. and it was so small!  it could have sat in my hand if i had been patient, but i had work to do.  there was a sign on the garage door that gave specific times on certain days when the neighbors requested use of the garage.  they were there now insisting i had violated our agreement but being here outside of their requested hours.  it made no sense to me.  if they weren’t using it, why couldn’t i be there?  i was on my way out anyway.  i went inside my childhood home and into a walk-in closet where there were other cases and boxes and envelopes to opened.  i found my sister’s clarinet but i couldn’t figure out how to put it together in a way that would produce sound.  part of it was a microscope.  part of it was a wand.  the mouthpiece was a whistle.  there had to be a way to get it to work.  i couldn’t wait to surprise her.