It was like some scene from Jean-Luc Godard’s film Weekend. Abandoned vehicles and garbage everywhere in what seemed to be a ghost town.  I found a baby in a smashed 1950s car and picked it up and took it with me.  On the wooden deck of a saloon sat Nancy, Susanne, and Elise, the three Fates. In front of each of them were squares of thick paper with sections of an ink drawing on each.  They needed help solving the image, like some sliding puzzle.  I didn’t know what the final images would be and so I didn’t want to seal fate itself by solving them. I took the baby to a buffet next door and let it pick out the food it wanted.  It only wanted steamed vegetables.  Corn and green beans and carrots, chopped into tiny cubes.  The clerk put a huge scoop of them into a paper bag and handed it to me but the steam quickly weakened the bag and the food started falling through.  I held the hot stuff against me without a way to safely put down the baby or clean it up without making things worse.  I asked for a plastic bag and was given one.  The clerk didn’t bother to clean up the food on the floor.  Should I do it? I could put the cooling bits of food into my plastic bag.  Oh, but then I would be without a bag and spilling food again.  I was frozen and unsure.