living on a military base (i think). brett is there and telling me that he wants to get back together.  it’s ok, he insists, his wife knows and she’s fine with it.  everywhere we go we have to carry a blue and white book with us so it’s clear we are not the enemy.  we go to a charity dinner.  it’s only $2.35 for a plate but i think that i will donate $20.  while there in a swanky basement restaurant with a huge open area, his wife approaches me.  she is wearing all white and carrying a sushi plate that holds a perfect heap of strawberry seeds.  i am kneeling on the floor, watching others mingle. wordlessly, she offers the plate to me with a slight bow. i reach up and take it, not understanding what is going on.  i laugh uneasily.  such a great kindness! and probably a trap.  where did i put my book?