we picked out a boy about 9 years old.  he didn’t speak but my mother and i decided he was the one we would adopt.  we were in a dark log cabin type place.  there was a huge line of people waiting to get to the front and adopt the kid of their choice.  when we got to the front we were amazed at how easy it was.  they didn’t need any paperwork, only our names and the boy’s consent.  (he did not speak, but he did not lash out.  good enough.) we were given a certificate of adoption.  we left excited for the next step.  at home we basted him with garlic and butter. he stood perfectly still. when i rubbed it on his belly and thighs, they were the belly and thighs of my dog and raw from skin allergies.  i asked my mother, “should we be doing this? won’t the garlic burn where the skin is broken?” she was not concerned and told me, “he’s not crying is he?”
no, he wasn’t crying.  i continued to baste the silent boy-dog.