In a 2 person fighter jet.  we were part of some kind of air force academy camp.  i knew he was going to show off and give chase. i knew he would do so while we were still upside down.  i screamed and giggled and protested in delight.

in the middle of my grandpa’s living room was a 5′ tall porcelain tub.  and as i passed it, i noticed something inside.  i stood on my tiptoes and hoisted myself up to balance on my chest and lean in over the edge.  inside was a baby giraffe.  it tried to climb to me but it was slipping on the smooth walls.  there was still water in the tub and it it was up to the lil guy’s shoulders.  i cursed and reached and eventually was able to pull him out.
i had no idea where he had come from.  the rest of the family was in the front room lit up with christmas lights.  i set the giraffe down by the coat rack where an space heater was glowing red.  i found a giraffe.  a baby giraffe!  well, i thought to myself, if anyone asks, it’s mine now.  no one who leaves a baby giraffe in a full tub is responsible enough to own one.
i named it Shannon.