The place was unfinished and dusty but a group of friends were living there already and quite settled.  Every door was shut in the building.  White doors with raw wood frames.  White drywall not yet primed at my sides and bare bulbs above.  At the right bottom corner of every door a place was carved out of the wall to fit a specific object.  An unopened bottle of wine.  Scissors, open and winking reflected light as I walk past. All of them things to be used as weapons in the case of an intrusion.
We were all going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  A grand reunion of old friends even though I was the only person who didn’t live with him.  We went to a jazz club and sat at a round table in the dark room while the band played. We were telling stories, laughing loud, drinking to camaraderie. I sat a little apart from the others.  The pressure of jovial conversation grating on my nerves.  I was tired.  The band was passionate but not great.  Whose idea was this to have a bunch of white friends take their black friend to a mediocre jazz club?  I felt bad for going along with it even though I had no idea what the plan was before arriving. I looked at him.  He appeared to be as tired as I felt. And bored.  My chair was a little behind his.  I reached my arms out, embracing him.  I put my head on his shoulder and he put his head on mine, his locs forming the perfect pressure cushion for sleep.
My dad has moved to town and drives for miles and miles to see doctors for meds he maybe doesn’t need. But he can get them and that’s what matters.  He was a business man and everything is business.
Back in the unfinished space, we sit at a rectangular paint-splattered work table.  There are high windows letting in light but the room is still dim.  Someone has brought a cake that is cupcakes with a sheet over top of them.  They are celebrating my dad’s birthday and he’s loving it.  It’s not his birthday and we all know it.  I am playing a game on my tablet.  Mario World combined with Diamond Digger or Farm Heroes or something.  There are special bonuses you can unlock if you complete certain tasks. For one of them you have to either find a brain or eat the coins in the shape of a brain.  Both seem impossible but I’m determined.  As I’m playing I notice that my left arm is made of mud.  It is sliced and splayed open so that i can see veins working under the wet clay.  I think about sticking something in there and letting it dry, like the weapons in the wall.
My father is sharing photographs now and I get up to take a look.  Most are of a new skyscraper that was built on the edge of town.  It’s green and gold glass panes make it look like more than just a common steel frame.  Two of the pictures are of me and my friend sleeping against each other in the club.  Though I’m confused by how my father took these photos since he wasn’t there, I am comforted by the friendship they show.  He in his faded blue, me in bright pink.  Both of us asleep against each other.  I didn’t know he had slept too.  For how long were we left like that?  We look happy.
The last photograph is of Soldier Field. I gasp and snatch it up along with a pic of the skyscraper.  They are the exact same colors! The gray and green and gold.  My father agrees, proud of my observation, that they are the same colors.
Something isn’t right.  How can that be?  Staring at the sinister-looking skyscraper again, it looks like….  It looks like….
Where have I seen these same colors?
Hours after waking it comes to me.
A motherboard.  It looks like a giant motherboard.