on a train, headed to work.  there are cliffs that a person can swing across if they miss the train, but it’s dangerous and the water below is rushing and cold.  we are three stops into our route when our conductor gets the request to got back to the first stop and pick up more passengers.  she is livid.  she screams the whole way there about how its not professional and she is trying to get people where they need to be on time.  part of me wonders if this is a trap.  but what are my options? swing across deadly cliffs in the wind and rain?
at work, i can’t stand it in my cube.  i go downstairs and work in my old office which is a lab room from my dad’s first veterinary clinic.  my sister brings me a hedgehog (but sometimes it’s a gerbil).  i tell her about my crazy commute.  i’m talking too loud so someone comes over and closes my door.  the hedgehog is burrowing into me.  i keep changing positions so that it never runs out of places to go.  she tells me that she wants me to keep him but she wants to be sure he likes me.  it’s obvious that he does, but she lingers.