we are in a pickup truck and pulling a camper behind us.  we’re going to visit his family but i’m not sure why i have agreed to come.  i didn’t think we would be going all the way, i guess.  we stop and visit friends along the way, sometimes they join us.  we have a dog with us, a big ol’ lab like Yeller.  the dog is old and tired and we have to carry him out of the truck during breaks.  he is driving way too fast on a bumpy road.  sometimes the bumps are in time with the music on the radio but often they are not.  we drive right up the side of a mountain, turn against the round of a boulder, and flip over.  i unlatch my seatbelt and crawl out the open window.  we are ok.  we are under a tree, the grass is green and soft, the sun is shining.  next to us another family is camping.  “let’s go in,” he tells me.  “we’re here.”  and so we are.  we hike up to the house and greet his parents.  they are happy to see us but i’m worried about the dog.  his dad asks him if he’d like to watch On Golden Pond with him later and he says that sounds wonderful.  there are big muscular cats roaming in and out of the open french doors, through the house and yard.  fully white, fully black.
my mom picks me up and i remember to tell his mom that the truck is flipped and sitting on its roof behind their house.  she tells me over the phone that it’s not a problem, as long as it gets flipped within 24 hours, he won’t get a ticket.  my mom tells me that last night he watched a movie with his parents and met up with his girlfriend and their parents met.  they shared one chaste kiss on the lips in front of their parents because that is all that is allowed.  we laughed hard at that, but we were happy he was happy.
sitting in a basement cafe at work, again with one side all windows (this time the sunny day is to my right).  there is a woman that is just smiling and staring at me to my left.  she looks a little like the log lady.  i am eating a ton of food while i wait for my little sister.  eventually she arrives, weighed down by diaper bags and baby blankets, and holding a bottle.  we smile at each other and she sits down.  big changes have occurred, are occurring. we are nervous and excited.