we are enjoying one hell of a threesome.  this woman is beautiful and confident and adventurous.  but as we’re in the middle of fucking, i think that it is not what i want.  concentrating on her is not what i want.  and i leave her there, upside down, and i crawl on the floor to my friend.  she is warm and welcoming and feels like home. i take a deep breath against her.  this is what it’s like when you know someone on a soul level.  i wonder, how many people will i know like this? the world is so big.
i hear a rumor that there is going to be a shipment of food to those in need and they are looking for a volunteer to deliver it.  a mother who speaks no english is making pancakes for her son and the neighborhood children.  the pancakes look like slightly sweet naan.  through a local i learn that her son lives in “the country that borders Brazil.”  we talk about where it is, i know the place, sure, but we can’t remember the name of it.  i tell the mother that i will take the food to her son.  i’m somewhere in Chile, I think.  it will be a long walk, but i am optimistic and excited to meet new old souls.  i take the food and set off that night.  the air is warm.  i do not pack anything, i start off in my shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes.  as i’m walking down a path and away from the shack, i toss a few bread crumbs into the water on my right where a couple of boys are fishing.  the sky is clear at twilight and i check my pocket to see if i remembered my headlamp.  i did. i try to remember the name of the country i am going to, but with no luck.  eh, i know about where it is, i think.  it’ll come to me along the way.