i was on a train.  hannah and jasper were sitting in the seats across the aisle from me.  we were moving to a new place.  bandit was being moved with our belongings because she doesn’t like traveling. when it was our stop, i got off.  but hanny and jaspers didn’t get up fast enough to follow at my heels and the doors closed as soon as i was through.  i panicked.  i ran to our new place and told brett and friends what had happened.  they have never been here! i cried. how will they know where to find me?  how will they know where i am? i cried and cried.  hannah was found a few blocks away.  but no one had seen jasper.  i opened all the windows so he could smell me and find me.  or at least get close enough that we could find him.  the place was empty but a mess.  there were paint chips and dust all over the floor.  there were folded jeans in a corner.  they were obviously stained.  the landlord stopped by and fined us a $75 cleaning fee.  why? i asked. we were my stuff in, and the place was already like this! we should be the ones complaining.  he told me that brett had stained his work jeans and we owed him $75. i looked at the dirty jeans and looked at brett.  he said he didn’t remember ruining them but that he probably did.  it was certainly possible.  inwardly, i just gave up in order to move on.  i was so very tired.  “it’s him!” a friend yelled.  i looked up and saw jasper at the window.  i picked him up and looked him over.  it was him.  he was soaked and dirty and maybe missing a couple patches of hair, but it was him and he was ok.  it was the only thing that mattered.