In some sort of community.  School? Military? Space?  not sure.  Everything had fake wood paneling and few windows.  A doctor I had a crush on was going to cut into my lungs, maybe get me a new pair.  He had seen a spot in an x-ray but I couldn’t get the other scans approved by my insurance so he was going to just cut it out under the assumption that it was cancerous.  but as we were flirting with each other in the empty and dark operating room with only two bare stainless steel tables, I told him that I didn’t want to go through with it.  I didn’t mean to insult his instincts or intelligence, but maybe he was wrong.  the spot on my throat disappeared so maybe the spot on my lungs did also.  he parted my hair lovingly and his brow furrowed. he said to no one, “the bugs are gone.”  what? “you had all these black bugs crawling all over you.” he combed through my hair some more with his hands. “the guys and i would joke that you cleaned your ears for so long but it never helped. they just kept coming.  there are still a few, but your skin is already healing. they’re going away.” he sounded bewildered and concerned.
i grinned. i was ecstatic. i KNEW i felt better!