satisfactorily mindfucked by the devil last night.
i was on vacation and at a hotel i went to years ago. It had the same number of floors as work. but the stairwell had a section before each new floor where the rain came through. it was pouring sheets of rain. i skipped up the steps anyway with a stranger who was covered in black, like a little mini darth vader. he said he had a place where we could see the meteor shower. when we got to his room, i found the devil there. it was obviously him. lounging in a suit on the bed, surprised by the interruption but then recognition and a smile. i don’t know how long we stared at each other. his little darth vader dude was urging me to go up to the roof where.we could see the show. i laughed at him and told him no way. it was storming so bad, there is no way we would see anything. we just climbed up through it, remember? no, i’m not going. he huffed and slammed the door as he left. “unless it’s cleared up….” i said to the devil and he motioned with is head for me to look up. there was a huge window in the ceiling. there were clouds still, but they were moving fast and between them was a perfectly visible milky way. pinks and blues and smears and all. “oh, it has cleared. i’m such an asshole.” i told him. “you are.” he agreed. and i laid down and slept beside him.
my dream in the dream, was my regular day in the dream. i saw seth. we went to rich’s store (which was a video store, not a bar, and it had a tardis door). seth went the wrong way on a shoulder of a road which scared the hell out of me, but we got a good parking space. i think there was also thrift shopping at a place that donated all profits to abortion providers. katherine was there. but i didn’t have my wallet. i had left it in the bed on the top floor. i went up that afternoon and knocked. he was alone. i started patting around the bed, looking for the wallet. my cards spilled out from the sheets and i gathered them up. did i not have my wallet? i thought i did but maybe i just had them in my pocket and they fell out? the devil laughed and pulled my wallet from inside his suit jacket and tossed it to me. it was a kind gesture and we both knew it. he flashed me the image of a monument. i recognized the parallel universe equivalent and we became drawings. i could hear myself talking but it was very very sloooooooooooooooow. while that was happening, i flashed back at devil-sketch “yes, the capitol building. i just went there yesterday.” and he said, lightly pressing into my mind, “a woman with a sense of civic duty? ohhhhh i do like you….”
later, back in my own hotel room, my old boss Robin was there organizing the closet. she said, “can i tell you something? i think it’s important for you to hear. this is not the way you start a fling, this is the way you start something that burns long and slow.” and i looked straight at her and said, “oh yes, i know.”