i dreamed about Eileen. our assignment was to live life simply. dress simply. cook simply. walk simply. then write a paper about it. most students did it for an hour or so, maybe a day. i did it for a full week. no computer, no phone, no tv, no processed foods. i had to complete my paper before i could go to spain on a family vacation. i mailed it off a day before it was due. i included bread that i had made from scratch. my roommate gave me a starter batch of her own when i was done and i was excited to keep making bread when i got back. i didn’t go to the post office to mail it. i put it in my drop box – at little fort. when i was on vacation (at another amusement park, of course) i got a letter saying that i had failed the class because i didn’t write the paper. but i DID write the paper. i was bawling. it was a repeat of her saying she never got my research paper 2 years after it was due. i was inconsolable. i found a teacher there, floating by on an inflatable lounge chair. i explained what had happened and that i needed to speak with eileen. she told me i was lying. that i had done all of this before and no one would believe me. i went to the car and cried and opened my laptop and phone to reach her. but everything was advertisements and apps and i couldn’t figure out how to contact her. i had been away from technology so long it didn’t make sense to me anymore. my tears blurred everything.