dreamed that i was told i could hold a puppy and picking up the first wiggly one that i could grab. then it was stated “it’s yours now.” i didn’t really want a puppy. i hadn’t prepared at all for taking a puppy home. i had plans that day. but he was sooooooooooo cute i just decided he would come with me. the kids that gave him to me in an apartment with yellowing wall paper were buckethead’s kids. they were pretty energetic and adorable and played their own games of imagination that i didn’t quite understand. i caught bits of their conversation and realized big stuff was happening. there was a war going on outside. and a contest of physical feats that men had to participate in. bucket was a dad and a soldier and a musician. every man was a soldier, that’s just the way it was. he came home at some point. i didn’t notice at first but glanced around a door frame and he looked up and smiled. he looked exhausted but content. also, he had the haircut of the No Country For Old Men psycho. hahaha! and it was orange-red. i wanted to tell him that i knew about the divorce and i was sorry to hear it, but the kids seemed to be happy and adjusting well and that’s really the best you could hope for in a situation like this. i had to go and meet up with friends. i also really had to pee. at some point i had tried to pee in a dog bowl but the kids had interrupted me. later i thought i found a toilet at a friend’s house but as i sat on it i realized it was a sink and then as i looked at it i realized it was a wishing pond. my puppy kept running around it, putting its face in the clean water.