Oh I’m so tired. Dreamed of a dog that was sent to space and forgotten about – a few times. His paws melted in a descent and he landed in the ocean. But he regenerated and went up again. Also, I was with a douchey rich guy that was hiding concentrated rum in ice cubes to get people drunk fast so they would agree to do crazy/dangerous shit with me. We lived on a beach and talked about breaking up our group of guys because one of us was treating this place like home and settling down. i was one of the guys. except for when superdouche was spiking drinks. then i was a chick with long hippie hair. i wanted to take them on an abandoned roller coaster though the woods at night. it was somewhat overgrown so we would definitely be getting painfully smacked with some plant life at a high rate of speed. but it would also be hella fun.