So many dreams. Mashed potato and gravy skeeball in an interstate oasis. Babies who steal vodka to put in their juice. Being told by my dad that I’m rude for reading a paper instead of watching a movie. (But being told with large print subtitles on the tv screen.) The evolution of sex which came from swamp people who had a “tiny shrimp surprise.” Standing in the sun on the sidewalk by work and asking where I put my boots, then realizing I was wearing them. Coworkers laughing at me and me telling them off by calling them by their names and politely telling them who I am and what I do and that despite my social awkwardness, I do my job very, very well. My cousin’s friends breaking up weed in her farmhouse loft and saying that my cousin must have gotten a lot of money when her husband was electrocuted at work. She did, I tell them. She deserved a lot of money, I’m sure she’d give it back for him to be here still. I told them I was glad she was finally enjoying it now that the kids were older.