last night’s dream was watching a series in class with 2 dudes and denise. and we were making fun of it somewhat, it looked like a live action jungle book or tarzan or something. but asian. and the teacher got mad at us and told us that we weren’t going to see the last episode. and we whined because even though we were being bastards, we really liked it. so we decided that we would have an orgy to make the teacher uncomfortable enough to let us see the rest. there were 6 of us total. the first girl was named Xuoyin. it was pronounced Joy-een (join). she was nice to kiss but not really into it. so we switched partners and i was with denise and we were like… racing. lol idk. very efficient lovers we were and when i came seconds later every one else was at their desks watching the last of the series that had been put on for us. in another room, the headless horseman was sitting at a desk with a picasso like backlit portrait of an effeminate anime fighter dude behind him. and he drew a picture of a creepy looking kid with long black curls and pink hearts all around his head and he named it Malachi. and i thought that i knew that kid was evil and i knew that kid was coming to our school.