last night was a game of life. you would get points for doing certain things but you would get lots of points if you did those things successfully first. i had watched others cross the icy poles across a humongous square gap in the the stone floor. sure, i could have walked around it, but i decided i wasn’t going to try to do everything first. i was going to rack up points by doing everything successfully. whether i won or not didn’t really seem to matter to me. so i started on a short pole, much too short to make it across, it stopped a quarter over the gap. climbed to the next pole and made my way across. the ice was uneven and caught my jeans, but i made it. there was a challenge about living with others so i got roommates and just kept to myself. i found items in the grocery store i would never buy for myself. and then i made my way through an unmarked door into a cafe. i didn’t have money for food and couldn’t see the menu well enough to order anyway. i sat down and there was an unopened pack of chakra cards on the placemat. i was curious about them. they had some kanji-reiki rainbow symbol on the back. but i didn’t want to have to pay for them so i didn’t open it. instead i greeted an old coworker from northwestern as she entered and thought about how i went through the whole elaborate system backwards. this was clearly the entrance everyone else had come through but was the last place i looked.