had a creepy doll dream last night. first i was visiting my dad and there was a lady screaming at neighbors and pouring sand on all of the sidewalks saying that we had to return to nature. then she came over and started making out with my dad and sitting on his lap. he said she was an old friend. whatever. not really into watching them so i went in the house, said hello to vickie, and then went on a very strange adventure on my bike in the woods. i was looking for those bundles of toys you get at like dollar stores? i kept finding them in plants, behind trees, off the side of a trail. well these bundles all had big marbles in them that i wanted and they all had creepy dolls that i didn’t want but kept to give away. the dolls were really simple one piece pillow case type things with faces embroidered. but they all had really poorly sewn lipstick on that went unevenly outside the border of their mouths.