Dreamed that Brett was mad at me so he stole my drum sticks and the toilet. Went to a buffet with Jaimie and we ran into Seth on the street, he was in tears and telling me couldn’t talk because his partner was very sick and needed to be taken care of, but that his partner only wanted to be drugged up, not to heal. Since I didnt have drum sticks, I told Brett to keep my drums on a blanket so they didn’t get wet because their bases were made of green cardboard. I played what looked like a Guatemalan wall hanging. A dragonfly lady. She was padded silk in some places but her belly, breasts, and base of her stem were translucent plastic that could be tapped. She was big, like 3 feet tall, and decorated with green and gold and hot pink embroidery thread. A woman before the ritual blessed me loudly in Spanish. I have no idea what it meant. I walked around a pagan circle counter clockwise with her, dozens of women following. But then I noticed the tide turning and so rather than getting my group to change their course, I halted everyone behind me and turned them around so we would be going clockwise around the circle, shouting our chant. There were so many, I was still leading.