We all stayed in a temple. We each had a private room. Each room had an instrument, the same instrument, played from a keyboard. The conference rooms all had keyboard trays you pulled out at your seat so that a room of people could musically collaborate. The instrument itself was huge and took up an entire room. It was like a metallic pipe organ – much like the bone organ in Goonies – but you could play the horizontal pipes as a xylophone or organ and the vertical pipes as a harp or gong. No one was Interested in playing it, but it was obvious you could get layers and layers going and trance out to it. I really wanted someone to play with so I could blend in instead of lead. I didn’t know how to start without feeling and sounding ridiculous. Interlude was my dad trying to find a Walmart in Canada and watching the countryside slide by from the back seat of his truck. At a church after dinner, Vikki and Brett reach into a 3′ x 3′ wooden block outside the main entrance. One side has a drawer that contains gloves – like oven mitts but for cold, not hot things. One side has donation checks. They steal them all giggling. I tell them not to, but they insist it’s not really hurting anyone. At some point before we all go back to the temple, I’m handed the checks and I feel so guilty and defeated for not stopping it that I just get in the car with them and stuff them in the console. Back at the temple a little girl is describing in detail each glove she pulls out of a garbage bag. The one she is holding is green, with purple flowers, and is marked with a red #27. On a basketball court I’m supposed to toss the ball to the manager before a shootout between all stars. The ball is slightly flat. Magic Johnson is there. And Jesse Jackson? I tell them while the manager is speaking to a cheering stadium that the ball is flat and toss it to them, but they aren’t paying attention to me. It hits mj in the face and I apologize. I spend the entire speech hugging him, embarrassed. They use the flat ball. Headed home from that excursion I feel all kinds of guilt so I fuck Sara on the bus we’re all traveling in. Then Jason. Afterwards I sit next to the person in front of him and he tells me he thinks he could love me. I tell him I have a crush on everyone so it’s good to know others might feel the same about me. But it’s going to rain on Sunday and he shouldn’t expect me to stay inside writing him love letters. Not going to happen. We have a good laugh.