Just dreamed I was on The Amazing Race and got into an elevator at a park carrying cider and it opened up into a hospital that I couldn’t leave because the elevator only went to floors in certain orders and none of the patients were going down. I just wanted to get home to Jennifer Aniston’s boobs!
Earlier: Dreamed that my grandma was crying just to hear my late mother’s voice again. Had to order conversions of a cassette tape to CD so that we could hear her voice in the background in one small part. Promised my gram I would visit. Kept getting on the wrong train and going into a Northwestern chemistry tunnel and swim team practice instead of to Main St. Went to visit the couple we dogsat for and rudely invited myself in, laid down next to Galaxy the pittie (and Bandit?) and went to sleep. Went to my eye appt and the plug was still in my tear duct but flipped so the post was visible and possibly collecting bacteria. Could hear and feel the forceps scraping against it. 😦