I dreamed that I received a handwritten letter from someone named Zach. Included was a photo of my apartment printed out on regular paper. It was taken from google maps street view or something. The apartment was a dark stone building with one light on, all CCCOH-like. The light was my apartment on the 3rd floor and this Zach person had drawn arrows from the ground, along pipelines, to my apartment thereby “proving” that if someone broke into my basement and stole my pikes, I would have heard the sound travel up to my apartment. I was so mad that they were calling me a liar! So I did the totally sane thing and walked to California to confront them. Turns out Zach is was a chick and she told me she realized I was telling the truth about my pikes being stolen and she shouldn’t have sent the letter and she was sorry for finding and sending the picture of my apartment. She knew it was creepy. She admitted it all right away, so i walked all that way and i didn’t even get to yell at her! Talk about anti-climactic. lol. Then i walked to Jan’s for a November birthday swim with the whole family, but halfway to NC, I realized I forgot my swim suit.