I dreamed up a song called Smellingthing. Complete with trance video. I remember the tune but not the actual words. Someone had reported me to dcfs because of it. Also, a house with treasure. Took us ages to get to the point in the story when the first could be found. We didn’t know there was more but the owner got tired of waiting for us to get it figured out so he showed us how big the place was. Room after room of treasure opened with clues and riddles and war. The final room was a pink dinette. He asked “and what room do you suppose that is?” It was The Red Room, obviously. I wanted to get there. Also, the entire family at mcdonalds sorting through family pics that do not exist. One of me and sue with matching permed long hair, strolling through chicago. Their ketchup and mayonnaise mix dripped on my food paper. 😦 we were trying to figure out if we had a cleaning service included or needed to hire one.