Dreamed that I was in a wheelchair and went to Disneyworld. There was a new attraction named after my cat, Mr. Mumblepatch. It had a picture of her and everything. Supposedly there were rooms inside where you could relax alone and away from the crowds. But when I got close to the front of the line I saw Marissa and her friends. Marissa admitted that it was her attraction and she had been working on it for years without telling anyone. I was excited for her and started to roll toward the entrance but her friends pushed banquet tables on either side of my chair, smashing my hands and keeping me trapped in place. I asked for help, asked why they were doing this, but Marissa just sat there silently with an apiologetic stare. I got angry. I promised to sue, I wrote nasty fb posts about the attraction, I trademarked the name and likeness of my cat. Then I got it on with Capt. Janeway who wore flesh colored patches over both eyes. (Trust me, it was hot.)