Dreamed of a mystery school. With a giant university-type campus. My boss was worried I wouldn’t remember where I worked but I told her that my legs would remember where to go and I had noted unique markers (the stone dog, the laughing door-knocker, the way moss grew up that corner of the building) along the way to guide me if not. I waited in line with my mom at a hardware store after work/school. She said a bunch of students were going out, including her, did I want to go? I didn’t. My familiars and I were close to figuring out some alchemical notion and I needed to experiment. My mom told me to get something to eat then or I would be hungry because there was nothing at the house. I went down aisles of tools and climbed a dirty ladder. There, on the top shelf, were bulk bags of sweet breads and donuts. An entire aisle of utility shelves filled with them just above sight level. I wanted none of it.