I waded into the warm ocean. We had seen horses already that morning along the beach. Through the green-blue and white reflected sun, I could see a gigantic shadow moving under the water. It brushed against me. I laughed at the friendliness of it. It pushed against me again and I allowed myself to fall against it. It pulled me to the shore where I sat down next to a friend. What I thought was a manatee was a walrus. It pushed itself onto the sand and slide-waddled over to me. It put its gigantic head in my lap and I laughed again. I loved it instantly. My friend was not so sure. I wrapped my arms around it and pet its soaked back. As it dried, its skin became fur, the hair if a wet Maine Coon. The giant kitten looked at me and purred. We had to go back home, there was going to be a party. I was excited about it before, but now I was dreading so many people in my space. I said my goodbye the the cat-walrus and climbed the cliffs back to my street. The cat shrank and followed. The house was already full of guests. I showed the kitten to the floor full of animal homes. Sally, as she was now called, waved her little paw inside one of the shelters. No! I yelled to her and she shrunk back. But she had caught the attention of the resident and a goat came out into the hallway. “I’m a cow!” It exclaimed and rolled onto it’s back. The cat and goat-cow giggled. I tried to explain what just happened to a friend that had missed it. “Uh huh” she said and walked away in the middle of my telling. I expressed to everyone in the room my hatred for people who cut me off and I stormed into another part of the house. A young Eddie Murphy tried to console me. They would clean up everything. There wouldn’t be a mess, they wouldn’t be loud. A canister was knocked over as we rounded a corner. Neither of us picked it up. In the family room was a father and son paying a game on the tv. How to Recognize Symbolism in Writing. “The effects of amphetamines were lasting longer and longer.” was the clue. I couldn’t see well enough to read the 4 multiple choice options.