living in a communal space of some sort.  very shimerian.  everything is wood.  walls, ceilings, furniture, even the art we create is on or of wood with a dark finish.  like the couch and table in my childhood home. we are sitting around, reading, playing games, chatting, sipping tea or coffee.  we are ready for our fundraiser so that we may continue living as we do.  i have looked a the acrylic paintings many times.  ali’s are the best.  but when it comes time to display the art i see that it is marred.  at some point she must have come back to sign it.  i pick up what may have been the seat of a stool at some point.  the heavy circle of wood is painted with artificial blues and greens creating a pretty landscape.  but across the bright sky she has painted her full name in a thick dark scroll and in the shape of a rainbow. there is another of her paintings, this one rectangular.  her signature is smaller and near the middle-bottom right.  but across the entire paining she has applied a rusty brown paint with a scraper.  the numbers are uneven and huge. 95. i worry that she has ruined our chances of earning much for these works by adding herself to them.  i think it’s a bit of a selfish thing to do, but we all live here and we are free to do as we choose.