we mistakenly pull out a widow overlooking a deck when we tried to open it.  gracie walks out and up the steps alongside the house.  hannah goes out also but it starts to rain.  we call for her and gracie. we pull hannah in and gracie washes down, looking like she is sleeping through the flash flood with only her face above water.  i scoop her up, fearing the worst, and set her down inside.  she’s fine, dry already and walks away.  i check on hannah, she is young and fine.  the old dog sits in the corner, taking on hannah’s ails as she ages.  i feel bad for the obese arthritic thing but it means my puppy can remain a puppy still.

i go to the venue for the concert.  the front room is an art gallery of some sort.  there are dozens of white women wearing the same blonde wig (long, straight). they are nude and swaying to music being played.  i go into the back and sit on the floor in front of the performer’s stool.  buckethead is wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, playing a shred-filled concert in close quarters.  a drunk man leans over him to watch his fingers dance over the fret board in disbelief.  there are sharpies in front of us and blank white cardboard.  instead of writing messages for him to read, we go up and write on his shirt while he plays.  i’m annoyed by this activity, but i don’t want him to think that i don’t care so i test the sharpies and fine one with plenty of ink. a woman tries to grab it from me but i steal it back and refuse to give it to her.  i walk up to him and write only my name on his shirt.  once i touch his shirt i become overwhelmed with his sadness. someone (bucket?) says that they saw me in the other room, dancing.  i them that it wasn’t me.  i wasn’t one of the nudes.  but i had danced.

on a train, annoyed by the team huddled in the back of the car.  they are loud and host conference calls right there on the el.  but a new law is in place and now there must be a nude train in service.  it makes more stops than the express train i am on and so the team transfers.  pulling away from the station, i look across the platform and i see a car packed with naked people. a woman with large breasts waves and hops with the excitement of being free of her clothing.