giving birth in a home. they reach inside me. a friend, she says, i feel a foot.  agonized, but without pain, i tell them to find the other. there has to be another.  pull! pull!

in the same home, a friend tells a story of exposing himself to strangers in the city center.  we think it is hilarious, he’s wearing the flasher khaki coat and all.  we decide to have a sprinkler/water fight in the backyard before his girlfriend gets home.

i show guests through the living room all tans and whites, earthy and clean.  the three long-haired black and orange cats sit quietly up on shelves in cute dark wire baskets just their size.

his girlfriend comes home early to see us in our underwear, soaking wet, muddy, and laughing.  we explain about the public nudity.  she looks annoyed but when it is time to spray each other clean before going inside, she steps to the center of the circle of water blasts.  she is a large woman, hawaiian looking, she is beautiful. she smiles and laughs and peels her clean clothing off.  when she removed her shorts, she reveals a pink rectangular scar on her left cheek.  her mouth in a prideful smile, she tells us that it is where they cut into her.  that is what they had to do.