1. Molly and I sit down to color. There are small white boxes of chalk and pastels. Small chunks in varying widths. All of them purple or blue. We make abstact explosions of purple on paper before getting up to get something to eat. Her car has shelves. Tiny boxes and baskets of things that might be needed. Kind bud seran wrapped in green cardboard crates the size of my thumb tip, produce style. We go to a restaurant and sit inside but it is dark and empty. The entire city is empty. Outside the food joint’s door, a 3.5 ft tall mechanical mouse sweeps the same 6 inches of sidewalk over and over. 2. Sunshine sparkles off of clean blue waves. A loooooooooooong red fox runs along the beach. What IS that? I ask. He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen! It runs up to me, circles around me completely with its nose behind its feathery tail, playfully, it runs around counterclockwise three times. And disappears. Did you see that? What is it? I love it. It belongs to the people next door. It has a box set into its back constantly reading it’s vital signs. They think it is sick, but it is not. They think they can experiment without consequences. My heart aches for what the pup must endure. 3. We have to figure out how to release all of the animals in prison. I try to get a job there, but it doesn’t work. I see the inside though. Cages and cages, the people believing that they are helping. It is dark. Everything here is dark. We hike into woods. We know there are people hiding away from this controlled insanity, this governed society. We find them but they run to a river bank. Take these, I implore. They refuse the chalks and pastels. I look to an older woman hiding behind her layers of dirty clothes. But you made the most beautiful pictures! I tell her. And she has. I show her the giant sketchbook. There are pages of water color splotches, squares blending into other squares, a yellow streak of acrylic with a few red dots in the remaining whiteness. She is touched. They agree to take our paper, to reclaim color, and risk everything to create. I thank them with tears in my eyes.