first dream was a stupid nightmare. i had to cross a bridge but when i got to it it was a stairwell that first went way way way far down and then back up like a deep V. but when i started down, it was more like a ladder with cement lips/rungs that came out of the wall only a few inches with nothing to hold onto. i got down about six or seven rungs and panicked when someone above me called me a superstar. i screamed for someone to get me out and the whole thing tilted like a dump truck and they let me fall onto a cushion. i couldn’t tell if that meant i had made it to the other side or not. then i got married. to a guy i didn’t really know. he was tall and round and entirely genuine. my dress was yellow silk, with a big pointy collar and tight short sleeves. when he said his vows in front of the wedding guests he was so scared! they laughed at him and the party began without me having to say a word. i wasn’t sure if it was our actual wedding or a rehearsal because i never saw the invite. brett was there. it was awkward explaining that he needed to move out because i was getting married and apparently this guy was moving in (he said so in his vows) but he took it pretty well. then i was on the train with my husband/fiance and we missed our stop because i had so much stuff to carry and sort. i told him we didn’t have to have sex, but i needed to know if we would be compatible. so we got a hotel room and i woke up to an orgasm.