Dreamed a super creepy buckethead dream. I was watching a movie that I was in as it was playing. I unlocked my apartment door and opened it and the entry had been sealed with wrapping paper from the inside. I sliced through it along the doorframe and stepped inside. There were mannequins everywhere. The featureless ones that are usually a matte black and smooth rounded shapes like the figurines for drawing but life size. They were in every room, posed for a party and in every state of undress. And I felt very lucky because it fit so well with the movie I was watching directed by buckethead or maybe just a movie that he really liked. So I decided to have a dinner party to show my gratitude and I invited all these middle aged social rich ladies and I invited buckethead and he accepted the fb event invite and everyone came and I watched all these people laughing and judging and doing the things exactly like mannequins in the same space. My space. And they judged me in my space wanting to know when this mysterious man would be arriving and I told them that he probably wouldn’t come at all but I could feel his presence and when I switched to watching it on the screen I could see him laying on the back of the couch against the wall, his mask and clothes blending in with the surreal surroundings. I knew he was there, I just hadn’t seen him. It made me very happy.