Dreamed of being pursued and we all had to hide in a locked bathroom. Everyone immediately hooked up and passed out. When they were all asleep I noticed the girl in the corner. She told me: ‘when you are lost in a dream, find the brunette. She will show you what is real.’ Her mouth tasted kind. While shopping I found caramel apples, but they had melted under the bright lights even in the refrigerated display case. It wasn’t right. I fingered stone pendants and metal earrings but they could not be bought. I knew if I chose one I would not escape. Everyone was gathering for a performance of the wise woman who communicates with birds. My mother and her friend were there smiling and holding out their arms for a bird to land on them but none did. The woman raised a hand and an eagle cry ripped through the place but what appeared was an owl in disguise. It flew right to her and ate out of her hand. Everyone clapped but me. The woman brought us a book of her teachings. The pages had ink drawings and were yellowing. My mother’s friend started writing in it. I didn’t see at first but everyone was writing in it. My mother wrote heaps of praise. We were to write one thing that we learned and one question we wanted answered. I wrote ‘I know you are a false god.’ and ‘what knowledge are you hiding about Kara Thrace?’