Last night started by driving up a grassy road to what appeared to be a field but I was told that it was a beach. We sat there, me with Khloe and Lamar and Rob, for a whole year, watching these waves of grass become a beach in the floods of spring, a crisp reminder of a cruel summer, a crunchy forgotten fall and a white blustery winter. We gave thanks to glaciers for clearing this place for us. Then I rode a cross country reclining bike marathon with my eyes closed but no one was impressed but me. Then we went bowling but all of the finger holes were too small, even the ones at the shop in the basement so I complained to the clerk who went all angry jersey shore on me and I thought that was pretty funny. Then I went to a shared home and noticed a giant and beautiful moth trapped under a dish my mom had brought with bread months ago. The creature was black with red splotches and the size of my face. I found a second one outside of our bedroom. With its wings together and sitting on the floor it looked just like a calico cat. Too intelligent to squash. So I left. But outside I found bandit and I had to trap her to bring her in. It wasn’t too hard. Brett commented that it’s terrible that they still make bowling balls out of folded cats. I agreed but in my head i had to admit that bandit would make a pretty good one.