i was out on this grassy hill at night with no lights around anywhere. brett was out there on a blanket and i went to him just to be close and maybe get him to come home. he was staring at the sky for hours already. then he said “there! did you see it?” and i looked and i saw a flash and thought or said “oh! lightning!” and he said no. keeping looking. and so i watched and i saw it. it would flash way up in the sky – a grey rectangle. i said “it’s a doorway” and he said “it’s a keyhole” and as we watched it flash – he knew it was there, he knew all along, he was waiting for it – it filled in with darkness/shadow but you could see the edges of gray light and he said “what does it look like to you?” and i said “someone is using the key. the keyhole is filled.” and he nodded and we started to hear voices in the distance. the doorway in the sky was gone. people were yelling and partying. like a town full of people. i started to leave and he said “wait” and we stared up at the sky and green and red and gray numbers started scrolling. lots of sixes and threes and others. first it was just a column of numbers. then the whole sky filled with scrolling numbers. scrolling fast. and i was scared. he grabbed my hand and said “GO!” and we ran to a street, crossed it and he said “stop here.” i wanted to keep running, the people were getting closer and they sounded panicked. but he moved me around an invisible wall only he could see and the voices faded like when you scroll to the next screen in a video game and the previous enemies can’t find you. and that’s it. but it was REAL. not dream-real. real-real.