tylenol 3 dream: ass raped by the lead arcade fire guy who stopped only because i had my cell phone in my hand and took a picture of him choking me. and after i made him spaghetti! i posted the picture to fb and people commented on how funny/cool it was. then i went up to the 24th floor of this fancy hotel but i meant to go to the 22nd so i had to go down these windy staircases in the back where no one at an expensive ball would see me. i kept looking for a bathroom and eventually found one. then i was standing on a pier that had two rivulets. in one the water would rush out to sea. when water was sucked into the other and would rush back to land, it meant the wind was coming. and when the wind would come, it would pick us up into the air. us being me and a random grandma. the water was red/rust-brown in the rivulets, but blue in the sea.