in my dream last night one of you shouted in disgust “these price nickels just keep getting bigger!” what are price nickels? well they are shoehorns attached to the spines of books, of course! duh. also last night: we lived in this big communal house and rich and some others were visiting. and i was being the good host. i was in a good mood, brett was in a good mood. we were each doing our own thing. there was a weird interlude where i went to get my swimsuit from the yard (because we dry our clothes in the grass. mmhm.) and my neighbor felt the need to comment on how he noticed it was a nice new swimsuit. i knew he was saying something about my boobies. and he says, “really, i’m just saying that it looks nice.” and he said “premier brand, that’s expensive.” but really he meant “that’s for big boobs.” then i was back inside and a group was finishing playing wii and brett and the others started to go but i was sitting by rich on the couch and he had his thigh against mine because we were squished in to fit. but when the person next to him got up, he didn’t move over. and he says that i don’t have to jump up. people can find there way around without me. if they need me, they’ll let me know. and i realize he’s right. and that i’m tired. and he rubs my back even though i say i’m fine. i ask him, so, how was your day? and he laughs in a way that shows his age. in a way that i’ve never seen because it has been…. 15 years? since i last saw him. but we are the right age in the dream, he is not younger. and he tells me honestly “terrible. i had a terrible day.” and he succinctly tells me what he doesn’t like about his boss and why it angers him in a sentence. it’s what brett was complaining about for hours last night. and i tell him that we’re going to be noticed if we’re not at the tea party. and so we go to the kitchen which is HUGE. and jaimie is there. and there are very serious asian and indian men serving tea at their tables. and the cupboards are stocked with flavors i’ve never heard of. one jar looks like gold, it’s a butternut variety and jaimie and i open it. all of the teas are round balls of packed powder. some are wrapped in leaves. we’re not sure how to steep them so we go to a table where a man serves us small green balls that look like BBs in a cup.