i had a dream that i was standing in a field beaten down into dust and patches of thin grass and watching colonial era soldiers ready to fight but waiting for the cue from our present politicians and finally one of them stopped and looked back at the trucks parked nearby from spectators and he was like “for fucks sake! we’re ready to really fight for your freedom, some of us will die today, and you want to waste time calling each other names?! THAT’s the future we’re fighting for?” and he stomped off. and i decided that i had to go to DC so i looked up the bus i needed to catch around baltimore, checked in at the hospital to give reports on my patients and see if any test results had come in, talked to cory and a friend named jose that i haven’t seen or heard from in years, and started walking to maryland. if i wasn’t there in time to catch the 9:43 Kay bus then i was just going to walk the rest of the way anyway. because this was fucking ridiculous.