you were the bad kid and my best bud in high school. so when i had an idea, i would go to you and you would agree and show me how to do it. and also, apparently in my dream world, heroin comes in onion form and because i was so cool i could split it open with one hand and then it was cloves of garlic shaped heroin inside and i could separate them out with my thumb still holding the bulb one handed. and i can also trip in dreams. tripping, even in dreams, is not pleasant. it involved dave having radiation poisoning and a collie running toward me for a block barking like crazy, then stopping, staring at me, and then the world would reset and it would loop over and over. dog running and barking. sitting down. dog running and barking. sitting down. never closer even though i kept walking though an empty near northside. and we got caught doing drugs and my mom came and i had to empty my suitcase in front of the principal and i kept yelling “i’m not fibbing mom! i’m not fibbing!” and elevators that wouldn’t stop on my classroom’s floor. the whole thing was just very intense.